Thursday, 22 September 2011

Mind, Body & Spirit (MBS) series of talks

Kechara Media & Publications is proud to present the Mind, Body & Spirit (MBS) series of talks, bringing you new perspectives to a holistic, harmonious way of living.

These specialised talks are aimed towards fostering a culture of achieving a balanced physical, emotional and spiritual health. This is especially important in today’s society of high-stressed jobs, endless house chores, poor eating habits and having little time to exercise.

These talks will share with you the smartest strategies to improve your physical health and mental well-being. You will also find effective means to help your friends and loved ones with the knowledge that you will gain. Start loving yourself the right way and work towards a healthier and more balanced way of life.

The talks of our MBS series will be presented by Wong Yu Jin, Wellness Coach and international speaker, and Phng Li Kim, Liaison to His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche and CEO of Kechara Media and Publications.

The Talks
The series of talks will cover a well-rounded group of topics that span Diet & Nutrition, Physical Fitness and Emotional Well Being, each providing insights into improving your overall health and lifestyle.

Date                             Topic
8th October 2011          Stress Management Secrets
12th November 2011 Vegetarianism for the Young
10th December 2011 The Balance of Eating & Socializing

14th January 2012        Weight Loss That Works
11th February 2012      Getting Energized Everyday
10th March 2012          Smart Supermarket Shopper
14th April 2012             Better Life With Better Exercise
12th May 2012              Empowering Emotional Wellbeing
9th June 2012               Quicker, Faster and Better Results
14th July 2012              Anger Management & Resolution

In October...

TALK: Stress Management Secrets
DATE: 8th October 2011
TIME: 3pm
VENUE: Kechara Care Lounge

Tearing your hair out? Breaking out in hives? Smashing plates?
Well, DON’T.

Instead, join us for a relaxing afternoon where we’ll share secrets on how to manage the stress of urban living and overcome it with powerful tools you can use every day.

2nd Talk - ABCs of Fitness

Talk Topic  : ABCs of Fitness
Date            : 10 September 2011
Time           : 3pm
Venue         : Kechara Lounge

 Esteemed Guests like Dato Ruby of Kechara Soup Kitchen arriving for the talk.
CEO of KMP introducing the topic and the speaker, Mr Wong Yu Jin.

Wellness Coach, Mr Wong Yu Jin engaging with the audience.

Is this muscle-bound man fit? The answer - not necessary...

Yu Jin explained that a good exercise is achieved through maintaining an optimum heart rate, which can be measured through this device. 

 The ambiance of the venue makes for a conducive and fun learning experience.

 Everybody leaves the talk learning something new about fitness. 

1st Talk - Better health begins with our diet

CEO of Kechara Media & Publications Phng Li Kim introduced the programme and the speaker, Mr Wong Yu Jin

The talk given by the wellness coach and international speaker, Mr Wong Yu Jin two Saturdays ago was hosted by Kechara Media & Publications (KMP) and it was the first of a 12-part Mind, Body and Spirit programme. This series is unique because of its health-oriented content presented to you in a practical and simple way to suit your busy lifestyle. The series is also unique because it is KMP’s special way of saying “Thank You” to the members of Kechara so members have free admission to these talks.

The talk by Yu Jin was titled The Diet and Detox Plan. He kicked off the session with a video of Clive Owen roughing out his car. The video alludes to how recklessly we rough out our bodies with the way we eat, work and sleep. Yu Jin then spoke about how our dietary habits cause many of our ailments today.

Yu Jin then spoke about the many dietary strategies we can adopt in choosing the food that we eat daily. Instead of taking huge amounts of dietary supplements, Yu Jin offered unique strategies that we can incorporate into our diet in order to improve our health and overall wellbeing.

If you missed this talk, there will be more to come with future talks occurring on the second Saturday of every month. The next talk is scheduled for 10 September and will focus on the ABCs of Fitness. For more information or to reserve your place at this talk, please contact Deborah or Judy at +603 7805 5691.
Kecharians were encouraged to bring friends who were offered a discounted admission rate for the talk

Yu Jin spoke about how our dietary choices influence our wellbeing, and how simple changes can be made for better health